July 9

Green Card Lottery Process

The green card lottery process is very simple, but it’s time consuming course. It requires a minimal amount of your personal information and computer knowledge. Mainly, people think that this process is tough and requires some professional involvement, but this is not true at all.

The whole process can be divided for following steps:

  1. Make decision to immigrate to the United States;
  2. Wait until the green card lottery instructions will be released;
  3. Open in the browser DV Lottery page http://dvlottery.state.gov;
  4. Validate your digital photo through photo validator;
  5. Fill the form with your minimal personal information;
  6. Submit the form and save all information at the confirmation page;
  7. Wait when results will be available through the http://dvlottery.state.gov
  8. Check results within your confirmation page information;

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June 12

Green Card Lottery – where to begin

Green Card Lottery – where to begin

It’s always hard to find a point where you could start the whole life value immigration process. We are researching the Internet and reading, reading, reading…. But then we face the problem that we do not know where to begin the process even after we found a ton of information.

Where to begin the green card lottery process?

I would recommend to answer several questions first and based on your answers understand what is pushing you to leave your country and immigrate to United States.


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May 27

Green Card lottery – when to apply?

We see every day many advertisements about the green card lottery and if we do not know nuances we might think that the lottery is going on constantly. But it’s not a true, so when to apply?

The whole green card lottery process I would like to divide for following time segments:

  1. Department of state officially releases rules for green card lottery (August – September);
  2. Application period (October – November);
  3. Results (May, next year)

The Diversity program does not exist until rules are released! This is unexpected but it’s true. The lottery exists only in a time terms what are specifies in a green card lottery rules. The department of state releases a program rules once in year for every lottery, so before rules are released there is not green card lottery. DV lottery rules officially state when to apply for DV program. Usually rules are released in August or September of each year.

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May 26

Green card lottery – what is this?

Green Card Lottery

Green card lottery, also know as Diversity Immigration visa program, was  established with the “Immigration act of 1990” in 1995. The first green card lottery run happened in 1995 and still going on every fiscal year.

This visa program has 55,000 available immigration visas for a families what are selected as a lottery winner. Since 1999 this amount was divided between NACARA program (5,000 visas) and the rest of countries with 50,000 visas yearly.

The idea of the Green Card lottery is to allow the immigration from countries with a low immigration rates. The important side is if any country (excluding NACARA countries)  receive 50,001 immigration visas in last 5 year, so this country is going to be excluded from the next year draw. The DV-2015 has excluded Nigeria from the eligible list of countries, even so Nigeria had always reserved visas through the NACARA immigration program.

The DV immigration program was designed as a lottery where applicants are chosen randomly from the pool of millions of people from all over the world. Before 2004 all foreigners had to send all applications, what were written in the paper with a photo, over regular mail. Since 2004 USCIS developed an electronic version of the Green Card lottery where applicants could fill forms online and upload digital photo as well.

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