May 27

Green Card lottery – when to apply?

We see every day many advertisements about the green card lottery and if we do not know nuances we might think that the lottery is going on constantly. But it’s not a true, so when to apply?

The whole green card lottery process I would like to divide for following time segments:

  1. Department of state officially releases rules for green card lottery (August – September);
  2. Application period (October – November);
  3. Results (May, next year)

The Diversity program does not exist until rules are released! This is unexpected but it’s true. The lottery exists only in a time terms what are specifies in a green card lottery rules. The department of state releases a program rules once in year for every lottery, so before rules are released there is not green card lottery. DV lottery rules officially state when to apply for DV program. Usually rules are released in August or September of each year.

Based on a historical rules the web site accepts applications in October and November. For example the green card lottery registration was opened between October 1, 2014 and November 3, 2014 last year, this is when to apply for green card lottery period. During this month millions of people apply for the lottery with a hope to win the possibility to immigrate to the United States.

Results always are released in May (next year), the historical data shows that results appears between May 1st – May 5th. During this time millions of applicants with a hope hit a department of state servers for the information about the application status – win or no win. My recommendation will be to wait a couple of days while the wave with potential immigrants will get their results. During 2-3 days after results are provided, servers are over loaded and might give you a wrong information or even you won’t be able to open the page to check your application status.

I hope the question when to apply and lottery time structure are answered here.

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  1. By Karl on

    Thanks for the info. I was thinking that people can apply for the green card lottery any time…

  2. By Зоряна on

    Что делать если я живу в америке и выиграла грин карт? Как Ее получить?


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