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Green Card Lottery – where to begin

Green Card Lottery – where to begin

It’s always hard to find a point where you could start the whole life value immigration process. We are researching the Internet and reading, reading, reading…. But then we face the problem that we do not know where to begin the process even after we found a ton of information.

Where to begin the green card lottery process?

I would recommend to answer several questions first and based on your answers understand what is pushing you to leave your country and immigrate to United States.


  1. What are main 5 reasons what make me leave my country?
  2. Do I know and understand well a whole path of  plan with all steps after I landed in USA?
  3. What do my family do when we start leaving in new country?
  4. Do I speak English well enough to find a first job in America?
  5. Am I prepared well financially in case I won’t be able to find the job fast?
  6. Are my family and I going to be happy in a new country?
  7. If I am failed, what are my steps?


I can bring much more questions, but these are major ones. The main question is why I am going there and what I am going to do in USA.

After you got answers you can start the immigration process by filling the application for the green card lottery.

One more useful tip before you received all required immigration documents… You should keep living the same way as you were living before you decided to immigrate to the different country.

The green card lottery process begins with sending your application through the http://dvlottery.state.gov site, just open this page in the browser and enter your personal information, such as you First and Last Name, date of Birth, country of Birth, your digital photo.


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